About our Hay, Grain, & Feed

Hay, Grain, Feed

If you're looking for top quality hay, grain, or feed you can find everything you need in our store.

We carry an assortment of locally-produced and brand-name Products.

Our store is stocked with:

  • A Variety of Hay such as Alfalfa, Timothy, Oat Hay, Bermuda Grass, Orchard, and Straw (deliver straw for decorative purposes)
  • A Variety of Grains, Seeds, and Mixtures...
  • A Variety of Ointments and Supplements for all types of Animals
  • We carry Purina, Cavalor, and Nutrena

Laundry & Repair Services

Laundry, Repair

We offer professional horse blanket Laundry and Repair services by Eva with more than 20 years of laundry and repair experience.

Save money by repairing your horse blanket. Keep your horse clean, warm, and dry.

Ultimate care is always given to return everything to you in the best condition possible. We have a large inventory of thread, fabric, webbing, buckles, etc. all tailored to the equine industry. We do our best to match replacement hardware and material as close as possible to provide a professionally sewn repaired product. We welcome you to supply your own materials for repair if you have exact matches.

Pick-Up or Delivery Available.